How To Level Wood Floors In An Old House

Houses, just like cars, clothes and other things do wear out after being used for a long period of time. However, there are differences in the way they look and feel when they are worn out. For instance, wooden floors of old houses often look uneven and rough.

Buckled Hardwood Floor

This makes the floor to be very unstable thereby becoming very difficult to support furniture and other things placed on it. There are several ways through which you can level wooden floors in old rooms by yourself. In order to find the best, read on!

Steps for Leveling Old Wooden Floors

Leveling wooden floors in old houses can be easy and less costly since you can always do it yourself without necessarily calling a professional. Below are some steps that you should follow in order to perfectly bring the old wooden floor back to life.

Identify the affected areas

If it has begun chipping or developing ridges as a result of tear and wear, it is important that you take time to find out the extent of the damage. Remove all the items on the floor like carpets, furniture among others in order to get a clear view. Do not only concentrate on a given area but look through the entire floor in order to be certain. This will help you in solving the problem in one fold.

Thoroughly inspect the floor

After clearing everything from the sub floor, you should then keenly look for signs of depressions and swellings on it. There are some that can be easily visible even from a distance and some that may not. It is advisable that you also use a spirit level in order to find all the areas that require leveling.

Remove plywood that are exposed from the joist

Wooden floors always have swellings or protrusions that are as a result of the plywood trying to penetrate onto the floor. This happens when the joist exerts pressure on the board thereby pushing it upwards. In order to avoid this, you should carefully return the joist back to the same plane as the others. Take precaution to remove any nails on the joist so as to avoid accidents. Also make sure to check the level of the joist with others using a spirit level.

Remove sunken boards

You will also notice sunken plywood boards. These are caused by indention on the joists. In order to bring them back to the same level as others, you can use wood shims. Insert the shims on affected joist while checking the level of others using a spirit level.

Reattach the plywood boards

After making sure that all the damaged areas have been brought back to the desired level, you should then replace the plywood to cover the joists. In case the boards that you removed are also damaged, you can get new ones to use in order to avoid doing the repairs often. In order to ascertain that the floor is leveled, use the spirit level on it again after the work is done.

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